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May 15, 2018, 2:50 PM
A new bronze therianthrope on steel structures

Elizabeth Jane Balcomb

Elizabeth Balcomb is a self taught South African artist known for her haunting figurative sculptures. She studied and worked in nature conservation and environmental education before becoming a full time artist in 2010.

Much of Balcomb’s work is a re-interpretation of classical sculpture. She focuses on the feminine, using the language of the Renaissance to explore and expose aspects of human nature. Her narrative incorporates aspects of dying and being reborn and matters of identity and personal value.

Therianthropes (figures which incorporate animal and human aspects) are a recurring theme in her work.

Her sculpting process is highly technical but her work displays a fluid, intuitive quality which institutional training may likely have limited.

“If I’d studied formally perhaps I would intellectualize the process more a. I’m forced to rely on instinct in my effort to make the unconscious conscious”.

Balcomb lives and works between her 2 homes/studios in Durban and in the mist belt forest of Byrne Valley in the Kwazulu-Natal midlands.

She works in clay and casts limited editions into bronze.